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Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

Part II of The Great New Frontier: AI Series

Computronium, the theoretically most powerful material that computes, is a long held dream of computer scientists and philosophers. In essence it would be the densest, most efficient computational mass of matter possible to achieve.

Creating this technology might be far away in the future, but if we could make Computronium, what would we use it for? I think we already know - we would command it to work for us, using the most natural human interface possible.

Right now text-to-action or voice-activated-programing may seem like tech jargon, but think of the future of human-computer interaction to work just like sorcerers use magic words in fantasy stories.

Think "Abracadabra" or "Alakazam." The speaker needs to learn the right words in the right order or tone to unlock power beyond what is humanly possible. The same goes for AI commands.

State-of-the-art: tricks

That's what we're doing with AI. We're building precise words that influence creation. We're seeing a glimpse of the future of software interaction. AI with advanced LLMs will help users complete any task by just talking. It will also help create exceptional media that would take a lot of effort before.

Words matter when it comes to AI. Precise wording can influence the outcome. We're seeing this with generators like Midjourney and ChatGPT. We can use these AI to write tables, play chess, or even talk like a character.

Companies working with AI generation as of this writing
Many companies are already working on AI generation. I've tried these products, so you don't have to. Although some are good, I would only pay for ChatGPT, Midjourney,, and maybe Soundraw.

Service NameCostFree VersionDescriptionType of GeneratorURLUtility Rating, (min) 1 - 5 (max)
AIVA$11 per month for ‘Standard’ packageYes (Limited download option)Creates authentic music based on your preferred style, and gives the copyright of the produced contentMusic
Amper AI$5 per month for ‘Personal’ packageYes (Without providing license)Produces royalty-free music based on the preferred genre, length, instruments, and provides perpetual licenseMusic
Artbreeder$8.99 per month for ‘Starter’ packageYes (Limited image uploads and high-resolution downloads)Creates collages, and generates images with the option of manipulating the subject’s age, gender, etc.Image$25 - $175YesCreate a unique, professional logo for your business
Kickstart your brand with business card designs, social media graphics, app icons, letter heads and more
Design, Logo
ChatGPTFree (for now)YesUniversal text generator.Text
ColormindFreeFreeAllows creating color palettes, based on a movie scene, artwork, or other images, if neededDesign, Colors$49 per month for ‘Pro’ package including 40K wordsYes (Limited to 2,000 words)Enables the generation of blog posts, social media posts, and e-mails, provides multi-user choice, and offers content creation service for more than 25 languagesText
CraiyonFreeYesConverts text-to-image; not suitable for the creation of larger imagesImage
DALL-E15Yes (Limited use)Creates, edits, or variates images, and offers the commercial rights to the created contentImage$29 per month for ‘Basic’ packageFree trial for 30 daysAllows generating logos and banners, provides design templates, and enables the export of the produced items to different formatsDesign, Branding, Logo
Elai$29 per month for ‘Basic’ packageFree trial for 14 daysAllows for the conversion of a blog post or an article to a video; offers more than 25 avatars, and produces personalized avatars for customersVideo
Evoke$8 per month for ‘Personal’ packageFree trial for 14 daysGenerates AI-generated and royalty-free music collectionMusic
Flexclip$5.99 per month for ‘Basic’ packageYes (Limited to 12 projects)Supports video creation; offers video editing tools, such as adding transitions, filters, or removing backgroundsVideo
Frase IO$14.99 per month for ‘Solo’ package5-day trial for $1Produces slogans, summaries, introductions, articles, titles, and product descriptionsText
Fronty AI$ 4.52 per month for ‘Pro’ packageFree (Limited to 5 pages)Allows creating websites compatible with mobile devices and SEO necessitiesDesign
Jasper$49 per month for ‘Starter’ package5-day free trialProvides the users with content templates, enables collaboration, and offers solutions for more than 20 languagesText
JukeboxContact vendor for pricingContact vendor for free versionCreates authentic music with AI-generated lyrics, provides users with different genre optionsMusic
K-ExplorerContact vendor for pricingContact vendor for free versionMakes code completion and custom model suggestionsCode
KhromaFreeYesAllows training a personalized algorithm to create genuine color palettesDesign
KiteFreeYesProvides the users with multi-line code completions, supports more than +16 languagesCodeDiscontinued-
Lensa$35.99/yearYesLensa is an all-in-one image editing app that takes your photos to the next level.Image
Lexica$10/ monthYesStable Diffusion search engineImage$17.49 per month for ‘Personal’ packageYes (Limited download option)Enables text-to-speech conversion, generates realistic and emotive AI-generated voiceoverVoice
Lumen5$19 per month for ‘Basic’ packageYes (Limited to 720p video resolution)Offers templates to create original videos based on presentations, or online meeting recordingsVideo
MidJourneySubscription requiredFree trialGenerates images through Discord server with customization options and limited free imagesImage
Murf$11.58 per month for ‘Basic’ packageYes (Limited to 10 minutes of voice generation)Creates voice overs for different contexts, enables adding punctuation, and provides the commercial rights of the contentVoice
Mubert14$/monthYes (Limited to 25 tracks per month)Prompt to music generation. Product hunt #1 product of the day.Music
NightCafe$9.99 per month for ‘AI Hobbyist’ packageYes (Limited credits)Art generation with different styles and resolution optionsImage
Namelix$25 - $175YesBusiness Name Generator
generate a short, brandable business name using artificial intelligence
Design, naming
OpenAI CodexContact vendor for pricingContact vendor for free versionConverts the natural language to code, usable in more than +12 programming languagesCode
Peppertype$35 per month for ‘Personal’ packageFree trialOffers ready-made templates for creating meta descriptions, articles, and e-mails; enables commercial use of the produced contentText$14.25 per month for ‘Personal’ packageYes (Limited use of conversion)Provides AI-generated voices useful for various commercial purposes, offers services in more than 140 languages, and enables text-to-speech conversionVoice
Prisma$7.99/monthYesPrisma captures the essence of your photos transforming them into vivid color paintings.Image
PyCharm$9.90 per month for professional developersYesProvides the users with code completion, highlights errors, and enables automated refactoringCode
Replica$24 for 4 hours speechYes (Limited to 30 minutes)Enables text-to-speech conversion, and offers AI-generated voicesVoice
Rytr$29 per month for ‘Unlimited’ packageYes (Limited to 10K characters per month)Creates appropriate titles for SEO optimization, produces blog posts, articles, e-mails, and social media advertisementsText
Soundraw$19.99 per month for ‘Solo’ packageFree trialEnables original music creation and commercial use of the produced contentMusic
Speechify$11.58 per month for ‘Premium’ packageYes (Limited to 10 voices)Allows text-to-speech conversion while enabling the adjustment of reading speed and offering realistic AI-generated voicesVoice
starryaiFreeYesEnables the creation of artwork with different options of style, aspect ratio, etc. and gives full ownership of the produced contentImage
Synthesia$30 per month for ‘Personal’ packageYes (Except customization and video editing)Enables text-to-video conversion; provides more than 70 avatars; offers its services in more than 65 languagesVideo
Tabnine$12 per month for ‘Pro’ packageFree trial for 14 daysProvides the users with whole-line code completion, and learns coding patternsCode
Uizard$12 per month for ‘Pro’ packageYes (Limited to 3 projects)Creates design for mobile applications, websites, or landing pages based on sketchesDesign$12 per month for ‘Basic’ packageFree (Limited to 250MB upload size)Video generation and editing, adding subtitles, removing background noises, and resizing the videosVideo
wombo.aiFreeYesCreates images in different styles (around 40 possibilities)Image

The next step - AI potions

So now you've seen that AI can create media, but could it create whole workable files? Files that one could edit with existing software? I call these potions, and here's why these will be a breakthrough.

The main problem while working is that even with the software we use, there are many repetitive tasks and many best practices we learn to avoid being so repetitive.
In the past, companies would give away templates, tutorials, wizards, and other helpful solutions to ease their use. But imagine if one would say, "Alakazam Report on last quarter with all the financials, projections, and company branding"? And better yet, if that would consist of editable formats in existing software.

What is also important to point out is that these AI potions will require the AI generators the ability to use and navigate the internet... Something that has it’s own constraints alltogether.

Examples of AI potions include:
  • Working spreadsheets
  • Manufacturable CAD designs
  • Technical drawings for equipment, machinery, or architecture
  • Formatted research reports
  • Working software ready to publish: websites, apps, simulations, games, and more.

Education will also be impacted by potions. Imagine inputting a prompt like "create a lesson plan on the civil war" and receiving a fully-formed lesson plan with interactive activities, quizzes, and fact-checking. This will change how teachers plan and create curricula, giving them more time to focus on instruction.

In medicine, doctors and researchers will be able to input prompts such as "generate a research report on the effectiveness of a new drug" or "create a pre-diagnosis plan for patient A with symptoms of X disease." All formated in current standards, linked to existing research paper references, medication, etc.

Engineers could use these AI pipelines to quickly generate designs and blueprints, and scientists could use them to create research papers and review the existing literature.

Designers could use these pipelines to generate new concepts based on prompts and search for other pictures based on tags and prompts. Additionally, these pipelines could convert images into CAD models and create manufacturing reports. The same can be said for interface, interior, transport, and graphic design.

Industrial and product design examples:

Web and app design:

Architecture design:

One of the most significant impacts of these pipelines in the finance industry will be in the area of financial analysis. With the ability to input a prompt such as "analyze the performance of XYZ stock" and receive a detailed report complete with charts, graphs, and trend analysis, financial analysts will be able to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of data. This will enable them to make more informed investment decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

In addition, these Potions or “AI Pipelines” will also change the way financial planning is done. Imagine being able to input a prompt such as "create a financial retirement plan" and receiving a fully-formed plan complete with investment strategies, projected income and expenses, and risk management. This technology could revolutionize how financial advisors plan and create financial plans for their clients, allowing them to spend more time on strategy and less on administrative tasks.

This will be 10x more valuable as soon as the AI outputs are fully formed, functioning, spreadsheets, and financial reports. Even more, as soon as these files are created, they could be analyzed, and the AI could design a python script that would take action on the assumptions, thus fully automating the financial ideas professed in theory by the reports. In the end, a complete feedback loop could be made that would input the performance of the investment or financial plan, and change the first one, thus creating a living model.

All of this is currently done already. The difference is that a single individual will be able to do this in hours instead of a large team of financially educated professionals and programmers in a few weeks or months.

Democratizing financial power.

The user experience (UX) will also be impacted by these pipelines, as users will be able to interact with AI more fluidly and responsively. The search bar will become an AI bar, allowing users to trigger robust AI responses. Additionally, text editing will be improved, allowing users to interact with AIs faster and more efficiently.

The interoperability of these pipelines or potions will also be improved, allowing apps to quickly connect through AI systems and interact with other apps through chat. This will lead to a return of messaging, allowing users to interact with services as if they were talking to a regular person through their preferred messaging app.

As AI generative technology continues to evolve, we will see the rise of AI specialists who have a deep understanding of specific areas of knowledge and can build robust prompt-to-output pipelines. These pipelines will generate complex outputs and make our lives easier. The future is here, and the possibilities are endless.


Words are heavier than ever, and the exact words we use in the future will command potent AI generative technology. These pipelines can revolutionize different fields and help people to build vital work; this is the reason why we will see a lot of competition in this area, but the players that are likely to succeed will invest in interoperability (AI APIs) and retro-compatibility of files (as well as the simplest ease-of-use).


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