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Welcome cyber-traveler.
You’ve reached my website.
Here I write about space, robots and the future of human life.
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My work

My work intersects business, engineering, and design. So this section keeps changing over time. But here goes a compiled selection of the most visual part of my past work.

Some of these projects were companies I co-founded, some were projects I did as part of freelance work. Some are just ideas that pop in my head once in a while.

Stories of the future

Invention is a curious series of events. It is kickstarted by rebellion. Rises with discovery. Peaks with promise. Plummets with prototyping... And, if lucky, blossoms when it is tenacious as it is human.
These are stories about speculative design and a perspective on solving world’s problems with less-than-obvious solutions.
Discover them bellow.

Life 3.0

Thoughts about health, technology, and the lifestyles of the future.

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Red dawn in Silicon Valley

Thoughts about how to do business in the solar system.

Coming soon ︎

The interstellar mind

{Wilder} thoughts on how to break the next frontier: interstellar travel.

Coming soon ︎

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Want to work with me?

I’m available for work in branding, marketing, product design, development and innovation, web design and development and industrial design.

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