Nazare Space Capsule

Reusable autonomous space cargo


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Nazare is a name inspired by the mythical giant waves of the Nazare canyon in Portugal. They are the product of uniquely focused energy from the underwater ridge, and surfers from all over the world travel to surf these dangerous and mighty monsters.
The Nazare Spacecraft, thus, begins as mighty challenger from the Portuguese industry, to the world.

The Downmass challenge

Access to returnable space cargo has been uniquely reserved to the Dragon Capsule as of 2022. This makes missions that require downmass more expensive and rare.

The solution

An unique design, capable of flying a variety of equipment and mission types.
"... even with all the diversity among these [launch] companies, one thing seems to be being overlooked. What about downmass?"

Dylan Taylor
Chairman & CEO, Voyager Space

Fully reusable space platform
Besides returning from space, Nazare reflies all of its systems, saving cost and increasing response speed.
The perfect dedicated platform for:

︎ Earth observation
︎ Microgravity experiments
︎ In-space manufacturing
︎ Recovering space assets and products

A  concept of operations reminescent of the space shuttle

With Nazare, access to space changes entirely into a reusable logistical system. With vehicles capable of being deployed from anytype of

Made for the industries of the future

Main advantages of Nazare

Recovering mass from space is nothing new. In fact every crewed mission did this in the past. However, landing precisely, using cheap materials, and being easy to refurbish have always been hard problems to solve.
Nazare addresses these problems in an unique way.

Technical drawings

Total mass: 420 kg (100%)
Empty mass: 100 kg (24%)
Payload mass: 320 kg (78%)
Payload volume (max): 800 cm3

Normal ride-share mission
Max vehicles: 24
Payload mass: 7,689 kg
Total mass: 10,080 kg

Expanded ride-share mission
Max vehicles: 48
Payload mass: 15,360 kg
Total mass: 20,160 kg

Onshape 3d printable model

You can get the model I did for structural tests at a 1/100 scale and improve on it. Contact me for any questions you might have.
Get the model here.

Version 2: Codename Maverick

Designed to increase the ratio of payload mass to total mass and reduce costs of inter-mission logistics, Maverick presents a new challenge: fly large payloads and keep them in orbit for longer periods while reducing the overall mass budget.


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